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The Chamber of the Rose


The Chamber of the Rose is a bilingual fairy tale conceived for children which are 5 to 13 years old. You can display both languages at the same time, German on the left, French on the right or vice versa. You can also read the book in only one language, of course.

The story unravels over 18 pages in mono-lingual and 36 pages in bi-lingual mode.

Each page comes with its own set of controls for starting the narration. The sentences which are being currently read are highlighted. You can stop the narration, start over or fast forward by pressing the play button several times. When the narration stops, a page curl effect is being displayed to indicate that it's time to turn the page.

Clicking on the page numbers will open a menu for quick access of any page.

Through this story your child will not only discover a brand-new fairy tale and develop its language skills, but also get some bits of additional wisdom, like

- watch out before crossing a street

- learning your times tables can really come in handy one day

The mathematical enigma which Prince Robert needs to solve in order to save the Princess incites the reader to think about the story and not just read it without actually understanding it.

By the way: if you are book lovers you probably try to teach your child to turn pages by using the upper corners. Using the upper corners effectively reduces the risk that a child damages pages by accident. Our page curl effect starts in the upper right and left corners to give your child the right page turn reflex.

Enjoy !!

A talking bilingual fairy tale for children

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